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Social Responsibility

Millions of children die of starvation each year, and as a charitable partner in addition to a cutting-edge service provider, Snapfinger is helping to solve this problem. We are a company not only concerned with feeding American consumers in a convenient manner, but also with giving aid to those in need across the globe.

“We have a direct ability to bring awareness to world hunger in a natural way because we serve the food services industry,” says Snapfinger CEO Jim Garrett. “I just think it’s healthy for a company and its employees to feel that their work and their daily efforts are going beyond the tactical and day-to-day issues.”

What began 20 years ago as Garrett’s personal donations to World Vision, a worldwide humanitarian organization, has grown into a full-fledged partnership. While Snapfinger’s donations go specifically to efforts to reduce hunger, World Vision also offers disaster relief and educational programs.

Snapfinger automatically donates a meaningful portion of our proceeds on each order through the Web site, so there’s no additional time or monetary cost to the customer. Meanwhile, a points system allows users to keep track of the contributions they’ve made to the fight against world hunger via their meals purchased.

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